While everyone else is spending their summer on the beach or on vacation, you might notice your staff begin to feel a little unmotivated or ‘trapped’ in their life indoors. This leads to staff getting agitated and this could filter into their work or attendance. With clients spending more time out and about, they want to look their best, so it’s never been a better time to set up some motivational incentives for your staff!

Set Challenges

While everyone will be working hard during the summer season, it’s important to set challenges to help prevent your staff from feeling as though they’re just ‘going through the motions’. Create a leaderboard of which staff members get the most appointments for the month or who has the most pre-bookings and reward the team members who shine!

Encourage Friendly Competition

By pairing up your staff and setting goals for them, you can promote some healthy competition, all while sustaining growth and allowing your team members to learn from each other. It’s a win-win! ????

Display Your Results

Get into the habit of showing off your staff member’s results at your weekly staff meetings or in the break room. Giving your staff a visual indication of how they are performing against their peers will let them know how much they need to improve to get rewarded each week. This can be as simple as taking 2 minutes at the end of your staff meeting to share the results and congratulate the leader. Use the SalonBridge reporting tools to pull the results each week. Your staff will appreciate you taking the time to reward their hard work! ????

Reward Success!

Always reward the employees who win these challenges and they will continue to be engaged, motivated and grow as team members. Rewarding success makes people feel great and proud of what they have accomplished. Rewards can be anything from a free dinner or even a free treatment of their choice. Their hard work and continued dedication will pay for their reward several times over!



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